How to create personas with AI: The future of personalized marketing


How to create personas with AI: The future of personalized marketing

Imagine a world where every business manages to touch the hearts of its customers through a personalized marketing approach, like a painter who, with precision and care, outlines a masterpiece on a blank canvas. In this world, personas are the key to unlocking the secret aspirations and deep needs of customers.

A study conducted by Forrester Research demonstrated that businesses excelling in personalized marketing can increase their revenue by 15 to 20%, thus proving the importance of a tailored approach (source: Forrester). To achieve this, the creation of personas is essential. And thanks to AI, like that used by EdenPersona, it is now possible to generate personas quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of AI and how it revolutionizes persona creation, to help you optimize your marketing strategy.

1. The gears of the machine: understanding how EdenPersona works

Like an alchemist turning lead into gold, EdenPersona uses OpenAI's artificial intelligence to generate personas based on information provided by the user in a form. The AI relies on logic and certain psychological archetypes to create relevant and tailored personas for your target audience, weaving a complex web of characteristics and traits that reflect the desires and needs of your audience.

2. The dance of personas: create your characters with EdenPersona

Creating personas with EdenPersona is as simple as following a cooking recipe:

  • Venture into the virtual realm of EdenPersona by visiting
  • Enter the ingredients of your marketing recipe by filling out the form with detailed information about your offer and target customer
  • Let the magic of AI work and generate a persona tailored to your needs
  • Choose between adopting a single persona or opting for a subscription plan, depending on your marketing appetite
  • Refine the taste of your persona by modifying and adjusting it according to your own knowledge and research

3. The five commandments for optimizing your AI-generated personas

Here are the five commandments to maximize the effectiveness of your AI-generated personas:

a) Combine your personas with your research

AI is a valuable guide that saves you time, but don't forget to supplement the personas with your own market knowledge. This will allow you to refine the profiles, making them even more relevant, like a sculpture taking shape under the artist's chisel.

b) Update your personas regularly

Like a river that changes course over time, the needs and expectations of your customers evolve. Remember to update your personas regularly so they remain aligned with your target audience. EdenPersona allows you to easily modify your personas online, ensuring their longevity and relevance.

c) Use your personas to guide your marketing strategy

Your personas are valuable tools for tailoring your messaging, offers, and content to your prospects. Use them to guide your marketing decisions and maximize the impact of your actions, like a sailor who adjusts his sails according to the winds to successfully navigate the tumultuous waters of the market.

d) Share your personas with your team

Like a harmonious orchestra, ensure that your team (marketing, sales, customer support, etc.) understands and uses your personas. This will guarantee a coherent approach across your entire company and improve customer satisfaction, creating an enchanting melody that resonates with your audience.

e) Measure the effectiveness of your personas

Implement performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of your personas and adjust them accordingly. This can include measures such as conversion rate, time spent on your site, or engagement on social media. By studying these indicators, you can fine-tune your personas like precision instruments, achieving the best results.

4. The treasures of AI: the benefits of artificial intelligence in persona creation

AI offers several advantages for persona creation:

a) Time-saving

Like a time-traveling machine, using AI to generate personas saves precious time compared to traditional research and analysis methods. In just a few clicks, you get a persona tailored to your target audience.

b) Consistent and comprehensive personas

The personas generated by EdenPersona are consistent and comprehensive, including details such as name, age, interests, goals, challenges, and even an AI-generated photo. This facilitates identification and empathy with your target audience, creating a strong emotional connection between your business and your customers.

c) Enhanced personalization

According to a study by McKinsey & Company:

Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by 50% and improve marketing efficiency by 10 to 30%.

By using AI-created personas, you can tailor your marketing to your customers and maximize the effectiveness of your actions, like a tailor who crafts custom-made clothing for each client.

d) Adaptability

EdenPersona allows you to create personas quickly and easily adjust them according to the evolving needs of your customers. This gives you the flexibility needed to quickly adapt to market changes and new trends, like a chameleon changing colors to blend into its environment.


Creating personas with EdenPersona opens up new opportunities for businesses looking to optimize their personalized marketing. By combining the benefits of AI with your own market knowledge, you can create accurate and tailored personas for your clientele, improve the effectiveness of your marketing actions, and ultimately increase your revenue, like a gardener who cultivates sumptuous flowers by tending to each individual plant.

Creating personas is a crucial element for understanding and effectively targeting your audience. However, it is essential to create relevant and accurate personas to achieve the best results. Here are the 5 most common mistakes to avoid when creating personas for your business, so as not to let your garden of prospects wilt under the weight of a poor marketing approach.