Creating a Persona with AI: A Step-by-Step Guide


Creating a Persona with AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Until now, creating a customer avatar was a rather complex task. Yet... It's a crucial step in any marketing strategy.

Thankfully, with EdenPersona, it's now MUCH simpler!

Follow the guide: I am going to show you how to create your persona with a single click.

Sign up for free on

When you land on the homepage of EdenPersona, one element stands out: the big orange button saying "Generate my persona now."

If you are not logged in, the button will first lead you to the free registration page. An email address and a password are all that's needed: you will have to confirm the registration by clicking on a link in an automatically received email. You can also use the "Sign in with Google" button to sign up even more easily.

Registering on EdenPersona

The information needed to create your persona

Once registered or logged in, you reach the form to create your Buyer Persona. Let's dissect this together.

Creating a persona form with AI

What type of offering are you creating this persona for?

Here, you simply have to select the button that corresponds to the product or service for which you want to create this persona.

  • For a product (physical or digital): whether it's an app, an object, a book...
  • For a non-localized service: for an agency or freelancer operating nationally or even internationally, software as a service.
  • For a localized service: whether you're a hairdresser, plumber, or ghostwriter, no matter! If you provide a service that's confined to a geographical area around you, this is the right choice.
  • For a physical store: if your store is physical and restricted to a certain area. Unless you offer an online store, customers must come to you. In this case, this would be the right choice.
  • For an e-commerce store: here, unlike the first button, you're not studying the persona for a single product, but for an online store.
  • For a cause: this type of offer is suitable for any association, sports club, or political cause.
type of product or service

Detailed description of the product or service

This field is the most important: it's about describing your offer in detail. Indicate its features, its strengths, its history, its successes like awards received or expert reviews.

Be careful: the AI will use all given information to establish its deduction. Don't inadvertently mislead it! Be factual in everything you list. If you indicate emotional or promotional elements, you will introduce a bias during the creation.

edenpersona your persona with AI

Is that all?

Yes, you could stop there and get a starter persona! These 2 pieces of information, description and offer type, are the only mandatory ones.

But the more information you provide, the more effectively your persona will mirror your target prospect. So, let's continue!

Name of the product or service

Do I need to explain what this means? ;)


Indicate the price including the currency. If it's a subscription, specify "per month", for example.

Target customer's country

If you target multiple countries, it may be wise to create a different persona depending on the country: customs and mindsets differ.

Served area (local activity)

This field is disabled if you do not choose a localized service or a physical store. Indicate the boundaries here. For example: Miami, Florida, the South-East, or even the Southern U.S., depending on your catchment area.

Target customer's gender

If you've identified a strong trend among your customers, indicate it: male, female, or non-binary?

Known information about the target customer

This field is extremely important. Understand one thing:

  • The more detailed info you provide about the target customer, the better.
  • Only provide information here that you are certain of, elements deduced from your current customers, from studies conducted, from factual data. Don't assume anything. It's better to provide no information than to provide false information.

Let the magic of AI do its work

After entering this information, all that's left to do is click on Generate my persona and wait less than a minute...

And there you have it! Your persona is created.

Buyer Persona

So, if you do not have a subscription, the details will not be displayed. To fully enjoy it, you can either opt for an individual purchase or a subscription that allows you to generate and edit up to 200 personas per month!

The magic of creating your personas in one click is now yours!