Create your marketing personas from your data in CSV format


Create your marketing personas from your data in CSV format

You know it, creating a relevant buyer persona is essential for an effective marketing strategy. But collecting and synthesizing all the data to draw a portrait of your ideal customer takes time.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce EdenPersona's latest feature: CSV file import!

How does buyer persona creation with a CSV work?

Available for subscribed members, this option is simple to use. It happens during the creation of your persona, at the target information phase. Simply import a CSV file containing data about your target audience (demographic, behavioral data, interview verbatims...). Our AI will automatically analyze this data to extract the most representative characteristics and generate a detailed persona profile.

No more hours spent manually compiling disparate data. You can import CSVs from various sources:

  • Your CRM or emailing tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Survey or quiz results
  • Leads from landing pages
  • Social media data
  • Interview spreadsheets

Our algorithm takes care of cross-referencing all this info to paint an accurate and actionable picture of your typical customer. You save valuable time and maximize the accuracy of your personas.

Of course, the quality of the end result depends on the quality of the input data. Declarative data from interviews will provide richer insights than Analytics data for example.

Pro tip: before importing your CSV, take care to clean it up. In Google Sheets, use the find/replace function to change commas to periods and line breaks (regex \n) to "" (empty). Your CSV should use periods as decimal separators and not contain any line breaks.

Your turn to create your marketing personas from your raw data!

Ready to test it out? Log in to your EdenPersona account and start importing your data right away! Let us know what you think, your feedback helps us constantly improve EdenPersona.