The 7 benefits of using a buyer persona to BOOST your marketing


The 7 benefits of using a buyer persona to BOOST your marketing

Imagine being on board a spaceship speeding through the universe of marketing, propelled by the power of buyer personas. Stars twinkle around you, illuminating the path towards an unbeatable marketing strategy. Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of these fictional characters that will revolutionize your marketing approach.

1) Personalization of your communication

Like an intergalactic explorer who masters several alien languages, using a buyer persona allows you to speak the language of your prospects. According to a study by Demand Gen Report (2016), 46% of consumers think personalization is important for establishing trust with a brand. Furthermore, McKinsey & Company (2020) reveals that businesses that successfully personalize their customer experiences can increase their revenues by 10 to 15%.

2) Better segmentation of your marketing campaigns

Buyer personas are like a constellation of stars, each representing a specific group of customers. Segmenting your marketing campaigns according to these groups allows you to target the right stars to light your path to success. According to a study by MailChimp (2017), segmented marketing campaigns resulted in 14.31% higher open rates and 100.95% more click-through rates compared to non-segmented campaigns.

3) Improvement of the relevance of your content

Imagine being able to dive into the ocean of your customers' concerns, dreams, and aspirations, and emerge with pearls of content tailored to their expectations. That's what buyer personas allow. According to a study by HubSpot (2020), businesses that publish relevant and consistent content generate 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than those that don't.

4) Creation of more suitable products and services

Buyer personas provide you with a treasure trove of information for creating products and services that meet your customers' needs. According to a study by PwC (2018), 73% of consumers consider customer experience as a key factor in making a purchase decision, and 65% are willing to pay more for a better experience.

5) Optimization of the sales funnel

Buyer personas are like spirit guides leading you through the labyrinth of the customer journey. According to a study by Salesforce (2018), businesses that align their communication and offerings with the stages of the customer journey see a 32% increase in their conversion rates and an 18% reduction in their sales cycle.

6) Better allocation of resources

With buyer personas, you can light your path to optimize the allocation of your marketing resources. A study by Gartner (2020) revealed that businesses that invest effectively in their marketing strategies increase their return on investment (ROI) by 30%.

7) Smoother collaboration between teams

Buyer personas are like the life-giving sap that allows your company tree to flourish, connecting the various branches of your teams. By sharing a common understanding of customers, teams can work in harmony to achieve the company's objectives. According to a study by SiriusDecisions (2018), businesses with close collaboration between marketing and sales teams see an average annual revenue growth of 24%.

So, will you fully take advantage of buyer personas?

Buyer personas are like a lighthouse guiding your marketing strategy through the storms of the market, allowing you to navigate with confidence towards success. They help you personalize your communication, optimize your campaigns, create relevant content, develop suitable products and services, improve your sales funnel, better allocate your resources, and facilitate collaboration between teams.

So, why wait to integrate buyer personas into your marketing strategy? EdenPersona is here to help you create comprehensive and consistent personas using our innovative artificial intelligence. Let yourself be swept away by the magic of buyer personas and experience unparalleled marketing adventures.

Thus, dear traveler of the marketing universe, are you ready to spread your wings and take flight with buyer personas?

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