3 Tools to Revolutionize Your AI-Powered Personalized Marketing


3 Tools to Revolutionize Your AI-Powered Personalized Marketing

The era of personalized marketing is upon us, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of this revolution. Businesses are constantly striving to understand and engage their customers in deeper and more meaningful ways. In this context, AI offers unprecedented opportunities to target and communicate with customers in ways that were previously unimaginable.

In this article, we will explore three AI-based tools that will revolutionize your AI-powered personalized marketing. From automated prospecting on LinkedIn with Waalaxy, to creating personalized marketing videos with HeyGen, to deeply understanding your customer persona with EdenPersona, these tools offer innovative solutions to transform your marketing strategy.

Each of these tools brings unique value and addresses specific needs in the field of marketing. They enable businesses of all sizes to create more targeted, engaging, and effective campaigns. Let's dive into the details of these tools and discover how they can help you take your AI-powered personalized marketing to the next level.


Waalaxy: Find Prospects and Prospect Automatically on LinkedIn

In the competitive world of AI-powered personalized marketing, Waalaxy stands out with its new "AI Prospect Finder" feature. Designed to help you find the best prospects in seconds, this tool uses artificial intelligence to target the right person with the right message. Say goodbye to long hours of searching; Waalaxy's AI brings you relevant leads in the blink of an eye.

How Does It Work?

  1. Select Relevant Leads: Start by selecting 10 leads that share a common interest.
  2. Use AI to Find Prospects: Activate "AI Prospect Finder" and choose the number of prospects to search for (up to 1000).
  3. Import and Enrich Leads: AI selects and imports profiles into your list, ready to be automatically prospected.

Key Features

  • Powerful Recommendation Algorithm: Inspired by Spotify, it uses AI to recommend the right leads.
  • Security: With no interaction with your LinkedIn account, your profile remains secure.
  • Search: The first version targets profile location and title.


Waalaxy offers a solution accessible to all, with a free and limited offer of 80 invitations per month. For those looking to maximize their AI-powered personalized marketing, the paid offer starts at €56 per month.

Waalaxy is more than just a prospecting tool; it's a revolution in AI-powered personalized marketing. With an AI-centered approach, it transforms how businesses find and engage prospects, offering a fast and effective solution to stay ahead of the competition.

HeyGen: Personalized Video Marketing with an Avatar

Welcome to the future of personalized video marketing with an avatar! HeyGen is a revolutionary video platform that uses generative artificial intelligence to transform your video creation process. Whether for marketing, sales, training, or more, HeyGen allows you to create professional videos using customizable AI avatars.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose Your Avatar: Over 100 AI avatars at your disposal or create your own.
  2. Enter Your Script: 300+ voices in 40+ languages to bring your message to life.
  3. Generate the Video: Submit your script, and your video is ready in minutes.

Key Features

  • No Video Editing Skills Required.
  • Realistic and Customizable Avatars with lip-syncing.
  • Text-to-Video in Minutes.
  • Unlimited Downloads in 1080P.


HeyGen's pricing starts at $24 per month, depending on the number of video minutes to generate. A free offer allows you to test 1 video, giving you the opportunity to explore the potential of personalized video marketing with an avatar without commitment.

HeyGen redefines personalized video marketing with an avatar, offering an accessible and powerful solution to create engaging videos. With a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge AI technology, HeyGen is the perfect tool for those looking to innovate in their video marketing strategy.


EdenPersona: Creating a Customer Persona

EdenPersona is at the forefront of creating a customer persona, using artificial intelligence to generate a precise and complete buyer persona in an instant. This innovative tool allows you to delve into the soul of your target customer, revealing preferences, needs, frustrations, and much more.

How Does It Work?

  • Who is your persona? Identify and deeply understand your target customer.
  • Where does your persona live? Analyze the geographical context for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • What are your persona's needs and frustrations? Provide tailored solutions to specific needs.
  • What are the purchase barriers for your persona? Strategically eliminate obstacles to buying.
  • What is your persona's story? Bring your persona to life by exploring its history and experiences.

Key Features

  • AI-Based Analysis: A precise buyer persona through AI.
  • Personality and Social Preferences: Tailor your communication to your persona's personality.
  • Browsing Habits and Social Networks: Connect in the perfect digital spaces.
  • Values, Favorite Brands, and Hobbies: Forge a deeper connection by understanding your persona's beliefs and hobbies.

EdenPersona offers a powerful solution for creating a customer persona, allowing you to understand and target your customers more precisely and personally. It's an essential tool for any business looking to enhance its personalized marketing.


EdenPersona's pricing starts at €10 for a single persona, with monthly subscriptions starting at €35 to generate up to 200 personas and chat with them. An affordable solution for creating a customer persona that transforms your marketing.


The three tools presented, Waalaxy, HeyGen, and EdenPersona, represent the next generation of AI-powered personalized marketing solutions. Whether it's finding prospects, creating personalized videos, or deeply understanding your customers, these tools offer innovative and effective ways to connect with your audience. By embracing these technologies, businesses can not only enhance their marketing efficiency but also create more engaging and personalized experiences for their customers. AI-powered personalized marketing is no longer a futuristic vision; it's an accessible reality that's transforming how brands interact with their customers. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution!